Wednesday Randomness | Favorite Things from Amazon in 2018

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Well I started this on Wednesday…but yes, it is Thursday now! The week before school vacation is always quite chaotic and I seem to always forget this. As someone who works at the mercy of our kids school schedule, I tend to have a lot of things scheduled right before a school break. I am also a procrastinator so you know I am doing all the holiday things this week too…I work well under pressure though! 😉

I thought it would be fun to recap some of my favorite Amazon purchases from 2018. All of these things are items I use multiple times a week, if not daily and I would buy them again and again.

1. LuminoLite for reading in the dark. One of my favorites part about reading on my Kindle is being able to read in bed without the light on, and this is perfect for that when I still want to read a “real book”.

2. I love my ice roller so much! It is great for eye and face puffiness and also multitasks as a great way to remedy minor kid injuries which happen quite frequently around here!

3. L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders are my go-to! I first learned about these a few years ago when they were included in some Pure Barre giveaways. They stand the test of time and are great for holding thick hair or when I just want to pull some of it up. They don’t snag on your hair and they come in so many different colors. I may even coordinate them with my workout clothes sometimes. 😉

4. Blitz Gem & Jewelry Cleaner is something that was recommended to me by a friend who was newly engaged and still way into making sure her ring was super sparkly. I am a bit lazy about taking my rings in to be cleaned so I was excited to hear about something that I could easily do at home. I soak my rings with some of this cleaner mixed with a little warm water for about 10 minutes. Then I carefully brush them with a small tooth brush, rinse them off in warm water and they are good to go! It’s amazing how well it works and definitely results in super sparkly diamonds.

5. I love my Bloom Daily Planner and this is my 3rd year using one. I actually don’t start my calendars in January and prefer to use the academic year version, but they do have both options! I love the format and it is super easy to throw in my bag because of the size. I find that it fits everything I need for myself and anything I need to remember or coordinate for the kids. It is also super affordable. I am not only of those artsy planner people and I end up crossing a lot of things out so it sometimes is quite the mess. After going down the path of the more “fancy” (and expensive) planners, I have found that this one is perfect for what I need.

6. These 20 oz. Simple Modern Tumblers are the best! I take a lot of coffee and tea on the go and they are tried and true around here. They go on sale a lot and I have snagged ours for around 8-9 dollars which is a steal and they keep things warm (or cold) for a long time.

7. We love our myBaby SoundSpa. We first started using a sound machine when our older son was born. He was what one might call a terrible sleeper so we did EVERYTHING possible to set up his nighttime routine to promote better sleeping. One of the things that we introduced was a sound machine and not only do both kids use one now but we love it too. There is something so calming about white noise to me, and this is a great bang for your buck and can also work with batteries if you are traveling. This sound machine is under 20 dollars and we never sleep without it.

8. I love tote bags and I especially love my Scout bag.  I have one I used for a gym bag and one as my work bag and they are the best. They wipe off easily, zip close and are just super sturdy and also very cute. They come in a bunch of patterns and colors and we also have a larger one that is great for an overnight trip.

9. I feel like people have strong feelings about Crocs but I am a fan. I don’t (usually) wear them out in public but I do wear them all the time at home. They are my “house shoes” and I wear them year round. I run hot and our house is also hot from our wood stove so I don’t love wearing slippers but I also like the feeling and support of wearing something so these are the best.

10. I am a Lavish Lash convert. I don’t normally buy “gimmicky” kind of things but I was desperate when a couple of months ago my eyebrow threader totally went a little overboard and I left with my eyebrows looking super sparse. I had a hard time shelling out a bunch of money for something that I wasn’t even sure would work so I read review after review and finally decided I could at least try this. I gave up threading, went back to (minimal) plucking with tweezers and have used this faithfully every night since October, and it worked! My eyebrows are back and it was less than 30 bucks. It is also for eyelashes and I think I am going to try that out now too because it haven’t found it at all irritating and my skin freaks out pretty easily.

11. I recently replaced my super old Turbie Twist towels with these Hopeshinehair drying towels and they are great! They are very absorbent and are super easy to secure. I hate the feeling of wet hair dripping down your back and these are so much better than trying to use another towel that keeps falling off and they help dry your hair a lot before you blow dry.

12. As you al know, I LOVE my Kindle. I love having a case on things and both Lucas and I have had great luck with the MoKo case. They are very sturdy and have held up so well. They also have the magnetic part that allow it to stay shut and automatically turns on the Kindle when you open it. There are a a bunch of different color to choose from and they are great for protecting my kindle when I carry it around in my purse.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed reading through some of my favorite everyday items! Do you have things you would recommend? I would love to hear! ❤

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