Wednesday Randomness | What’s in my bag…

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Last October I shared a “what’s in my bag” post on my Instagram page. As you can see, not that much as changed…I do wonder where all my hair ties went though! They must have been replaced by my barre socks. 😉

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I love seeing little peeks into someone’s daily life and things like this are just so intriguing to me. I have very specific patterns and routines and I think a lot of this is because of my personality.

I am an “if it isn’t broken I don’t fix it” kind of person. I don’t get new purses, or wallets when the season changes and I don’t change my lipstick color or haircut style on a whim. If it works for me, I keep doing it the same way. And I am sure this has its pluses and minuses like everything!

I find consistency very soothing and I struggle when things are in too much of a transition. I will replace things if they stop working for me or break…for instance, my Kindle cover is updated because the fabric on my old cover starting unraveling but I have had my wallet for 12 years and I see no reason to change it because it works.

So here are some of the things that are currently in my bag…

I always have a water bottle with me, I will get out of my car and go back inside if I forget one, every time. I love the Contigo stainless steel water bottles. They don’t leak and I love the way the spout works with the little button because you can drink it with one hand.

I have always labeled all the kid’s things with Mabel’s Labels and after misplacing a few things myself this past year, I have started using them on my items. They always have great sales and they are the most adhesive and durable name stickers I have found. I always get them just with our last name (this might not work if your last name is more common) and that way any of us can use them and I put them on EVERYTHING! Coats, water bottles, Tupperware containers, and baseball bats…they work on almost any material.

I always have my planner with me and I am a paper planner person all the way.  I love the size of these planners because it is easy to fit but still has enough room to write everything I need to plan for.

I always have way too many tinted lip balms in my bag. I use the Burt’s Bees kind in either red dahlia or the rose color. They add the perfect amount of moisture and color and I never go anywhere without them! I am also a huge fan of the Beautycounter sheer lipsticks. My favorite color is orchid and my more neutral go to is current. They have the perfect pop of color and have great staying power while still being moisturizing.

I love the Acorelle roll-on perfume in the “anti-stress” divine orchid scent. Although I am not sure it actually de-stresses me, I love the way it smells.

Because barre is my workout of choice, I have many pairs of sticky socks! I always have an assortment with me either in my bag or roaming around my car. I love the Valentine’s Day collection the most every year and always get excited to get a new pair of heart socks.

My Defiant rechargeable flashlight and phone charger is a newer addition and I love having the extra backup, especially when driving around in the winter. You can charge it with a USB cord which makes it super easy.

I have the best intentions with my handbag organizer but you have to actually utilize all the pockets or else it just becomes a pit of things just like a regular purse. But when I do actually use it like it is intended, it works so well! See below…

Alright, that is all for today! I hope you have a great rest of your Wednesday! <3



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