Coffee Talk Tuesday | Currently…WordPress & SEO


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Hello! How is your week going? Are you adjusting to daylight savings time? I love the additional hour of daylight at the end of the day (hello after dog dinner walk without a flashlight!!) but I am struggling with the darkness in the early morning. Mornings are my time and this whole still being dark at 6am is messing with me!

I have a whole list of things to share but I think it might need to wait until next week.  This has been a super hectic work and family week (is it really only Tuesday?!) and I want to write this when I actually have a bit of time to sit down and focus.

WordPress changes & SEO:

I am also in the process of moving my blog to a professional WordPress site. Since I am learning SEO for my photography work with Kristy’s blog and website I thought it would be a good idea to do it here too so it would all be fluid and consistent. Ummmmmmmm, yes, there is a steep learning curve. You know how sometimes once you know a little you realize you know NOTHING? That is where I am at right now!

SO yes, it has been a week, a good week in many ways but just a lot of stuff out of the “norm” which if you know me, isn’t exactly my strong place. 😉

I will be back tomorrow with a Wednesday Randomness post, and it is an exciting one! I am doing a “Day in the Life” post, you know, like the diary style blogs 10 years ago…I can’t wait! See you then! xo

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