Kindle Limited Time Deal! | Kindle Sale

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Kindle Paperwhite SALE! 

A few of you have asked if the Kindle Paperwhite has been on sale again since the $30 off sale back at the beginning of May. I have been keeping an eye on it and am excited to share that it is on sale again! Whether you will be reading in your backyard or traveling all over this summer, the Kindle is the easiest way to have access to a bunch of books while weighing as little as a phone!

Reading on the go:

Kindle in the airport

I think a Kindle is a perfect addition to your beach bag or carry-on this summer! I keep mine with me every day and find that I can add in so much extra reading time in the little chunks of waiting time during a regular work/school day. Now that summer is coming I will bring it with me when I am waiting with the kids at swim team, before an appointment or even in line in the grocery store.

Are you a Kindle reader?

Are you a Kindle reader too? What are your favorite parts about it?

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