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Happy February & The Winter Blues…

Gen The Bookworm

I have been meaning to check in with a coffee talk blog post and now we are halfway through February! How is your month going?

It has been a more challenging winter for me personally. The weather has been particularly dark and gray and I know that adds to the overall feeling of sadness and increased anxiety for me personally (and also many other people…)


While this is something I have been managing quite well for a while now (with medication, regular therapy, exercise, talking with close friends, time outside, etc), it doesn’t mean it never happens and this time of year is a great example of this.



The good thing is I now know when I do feel “off” and the things I can implement to feel a little better. This was much harder to identify when it was a constant feeling of heaviness and worry. When it is only “sometimes” it is much easier to recognize when it is out of the norm for you.

In My Control vs. Out of My Control

journey to wellness


I also try to be mindful that there are some outside factors that are out of my control right now.  Sometimes when I think through these things, it helps me separate the outside actions vs. my own reactions.

Be Mighty by Jill Stoddard

Jill Stoddard

Letting yourself feel your feelings and really working through is hugely helpful, even when you can’t control the outcome. If you want to learn more about this, Be Mighty is one of the most helpful books I have ever read about this topic and author Jill Stoddard is just lovely!


Currently Planning…Our Last Photography Workshop until November!

Kristy Dooley Photography

While spring is still months away, 2020 is in full gear and it’s hard to believe that our workshops will be winding down soon as we prepare for Vermont “photography season” to start once again!


Our last workshop until the fall will be on Saturday, March 21st and Kristy and I would love to have you join us! We only have a couple of seats left for our Your Life Your Camera DSLR Photography one day workshop.

You can email us at to grab a spot or ask us any questions!

Currently Excited About…My Sarah’s Bookshelves Podcast Interview!


Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sarah of the website and podcast Sarah’s Bookshelves for one of her bookish mini-episodes! I have been a fan of Sarah for a while now and although we have chatted quite a bit through direct messager and email, it was super exciting to actually speak with her. Not only did we have a super fun conversation but it was also so interesting to see the behind the scenes of how a podcast comes together!

If you are a fellow bookstagrammer or book blogger you are probably familiar with Sarah but if not here is a little summary of what her mini-episodes look like, right from her website

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 5.54.16 AM

Favorite Episodes…

My episode will be up on Wednesday, February 26th and in the meantime, you can catch up on some of my favorite past mini-episodes!

Sarah's Book Shelves

Episode 29: Katie @katieneedsabiggerbookshelf

Episode 31: Kailey @kmc_reads

Episode 33: Stephenie @reads.on.wednesdays

Episode 37: Elizabeth @samandscout

Episode 39: Lindsay @littlelindsreads

Currently Appreciating…The Early Bird Lifeearly riserI have always been an early riser but it is something I have really embraced as a parent. Now that our kids are getting older early mornings truly are the only time of the day when we are “alone”.

It is the time of day when I drink my multiple mugs of coffee, work on my blog, send book request emails and put together my Instagram posts. The kids usually wake up around 6:00 so I try to wake up around 5:00am and this time is sacred. This gives me an hour to get things done before “real life” kicks in and is just the best way to start the day.

I have many friends who stay up late to do this kind of thing but I can’t do it! Lately, the kids have been falling asleep after me…and I know this won’t be getting any better as we move forward! We are just entering the pre-teen stage and I can’t even imagine teenager bedtimes.

Currently Listening to…Some Great Audiobooks!

Jessica Simpson audiobookI would much rather listen to someone talking than to music. So whenever I am listening to something either while I am working, driving or doing errands, it is most likely a podcast or audiobook. I have been on an audiobook kick lately and I have listened to some great ones!audiobook recommendationsThese are some of my recent favorites:

Oona Out of Order (releasing 2/25/20) 

Long Bright River

Jar of Hearts

Open Book

Nothing To See Here (my current audiobook!) 

*You can use my LibroFM affiliate link to get your first month FREE.

Currently Wearing…The Best Joggers!jogger pantsYou know I am a fan of athleisure and loungewear and I am always on the search for cozy clothing. I may have absolutely nothing to wear if I had to work in a traditional office setting but I have lots of sweatshirts, pullovers and jogger pants.

These Old Navy Mid-Rise Breathe Joggers are amazing! (*NOT an affiliate link, I just love them!) They are lightweight but surprisingly flattering and are the most comfortable pants I own besides actual pajamas. For reference, I wear a size 10 in jeans and most pants and I wear a size large in these so they seem true to size.

Currently Soaking in…The Dog Days of WinterVermontSpeaking of getting outside, I have had so much fun meeting up with my friend Sara once a week to join her dog pack with Buzz. He gets so excited when they all arrive and it has been such a great winter mood booster for all of lifeNot only do we get some much-needed vitamin D but we get to catch up while hiking and tiring out all the pups!

Currently Enjoying…Backyard AdventuresVermont lifeWhile there are some downsides to living in a small town (we have to drive EVERYWHERE) there is nothing like having your house surrounded by trails and woods to explore in. Everyone in our family is much happier when we get outside no matter the weather. Whether it’s adventuring on the weekend or walking with our flashlights after a weeknight dinner, we try and make it a priority.

Cozy Must-HavescozyWhile winter is long and we try to embrace it, sometimes cozying up inside is necessary. My idea of the perfect weekend afternoon is reading on the couch with a cup of tea or two.

I have been wearing my Lake Robe (I purchased it during their Black Friday sale) all the time and diffusing this Volcano scented oil (if you have ever smelled the Volcano candles from Anthropologie, this is an exact dupe at a fraction of the cost!) Little things like this make such a difference, especially when it is so cold and dreary outside. (*This is the diffuser I have…I diffuse purely for the scents, not into the whole oils thing…FYI!)

A Vacation Book Giveaway on Instagram!

vacation book giveaway

Whether you are going away on vacation or are just looking for some books to cozy up with for some weekend reading, you can enter my Vacation Book Giveaway over on my Instagram page @genthebookworm HERE.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 12.42.07 PM

*This contest ends this Sunday 2/17/20. You can see more details HERE

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