My First Time on a Podcast! | Sarah’s Bookshelves Live Mini Episode! {Podcast Episode}

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Sarah’s Bookshelves Live Podcast Interview

Sarah’s Bookshelves Live Podcast Guest!

It’s an exciting day! I mentioned a few weeks ago HERE that I had my very first podcast interview. At the beginning of this month, I chatted with Sarah from Sarah’s Bookshelves Live about all things reading and this morning it went live!

We are on vacation in Florida right now and the boys were super excited to listen along bright and early. Last summer we binge listened to all of her past episodes in my car on the way to swim practice and back and so the kids are quite big fans. 😉

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More About Sarah…

If you aren’t familiar with Sarah here is a little tidbit from her website about her podcast:

Sarah’s Bookshelves Live is a weekly book podcast featuring real talk about books and recommendations from a featured bookish guest.

Each week, I talk with my guest about:


I’m getting real about all things books and serving you up a bit of snark on the side. New episodes every Wednesday!

Sarah is one of my favorite book reviewers to follow so being able to talk to her one on one for this episode was such a highlight for me! I love that she isn’t afraid to share her honest thoughts on the books she reads and she just has such a great perspective.

Gen The Bookworm

Mini-Episode 48: Genevieve Trono @genthebookworm

Sarah’s Highlights From My Mini-Episode:

  • Mood reading and how Genevieve builds in time/space to mood read within her books she’s reading for review.
  • Genevieve’s thoughts on one of Sarah’s most anticipated books of 2020 (Genevieve has already read it, while Sarah hasn’t)
  • How it’s easy to forget the details of the books we read…even ones we love.
  • How some teachers these days are talking to their students about the importance of loving what you’re reading.
  • A bonus review of an upcoming release by a well-known author.
  • Authors publishing new books too quickly / frequently.

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Sarah’s Blog Post with all the Details!

You can read Sarah’s blog post HERE with all the details about our conversation together including times stamps and links to ALL of the books we discussed and how to access the podcast!

I would love to know your thoughts if you listen along with her. And if you aren’t following along with Sarah yet she is a must listen!! Whether you need some book inspiration or just love hearing about all things reading, she is wonderful!!

 Are you a podcast fan too?! I would love to hear. <3


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