What’s On Your Nightstand? | Reading List & Book Recommendations {Stephenie @Reads.On.Wednesdays}

Nightstand Series

Welcome back to another edition of The Nightstand Series!

I am super excited to introduce you to my friend Stephenie AKA @reads.on.wednesdays today. She is a fellow boy mom and we have such a similar taste in books.

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FREE Photo Organization Workshop! | Your Life, Your Memories

photo organization

Photography Life & A Free Photo Organization Workshop

Kristy and I spent much of this weekend talking through what work might look like for us during the next couple of weeks/months. Like many small businesses, there is just so much up in the air. I don’t know about all of you, but during this unpredictable time, I’m finding it helpful to stay busy.

Photo Organization

This weekend we were scheduled to teach two of our photography workshops.  Due to the Coronavirus, like most group events, we had to postpone our March workshops.

In the meantime, we have decided to share part of our photo organization workshop. Your Life, Your Memories, online, and at no cost to you.

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Stay Home & Read More Books! {40+ Highly Recommended Book Suggestions}

book list

Seeing The Positive

While this is unchartered territory for so many of us, I am happy to hear that people are wanting to read! I have had a few emails from readers requesting book suggestions for authors and titles that are completely engrossing.

I don’t know about you but when I am worried, I need things that are totally engaging and distracting. These books are ones that completely took me in and I couldn’t think about anything else, which is exactly what you might need right now too. I hope this inspires your current reading list!

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Kindle Book Deals! March 8th, 2020

ebook deals

Kindle Book Deals!

I love finding kindle book deals, it is like the ultimate online treasure hunt. Historically, I have found that Sundays tend to have the best selection, and today is no exception.

I like to “stock up” on kindle books so that I will always have something to read, wherever I am!  Do you do this too? I could probably read for years with the ones I already have, but that doesn’t stop me. 😉 Alright, on to the deals for today!

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