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Jen Gotch

The Upside to Being Down by Jen Gotch

Book Summary:

After graduating from college, Jen Gotch was living with her parents, heartbroken and lost, when she became convinced that her skin had turned green. Hallucinating that she looked like Shrek was terrifying, but it led to her first diagnosis and the start of a journey towards self-awareness, acceptance, success, and ultimately, joy.

With humor and candor, Gotch shares the empowering story of her unlikely path to becoming the creator and CCO of a multimillion-dollar brand. From her childhood in Florida where her early struggles with bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety, and ADD were misdiagnosed, to her winding career path as a waitress, photographer, food stylist, and finally, accidental entrepreneur, she illuminates how embracing her flaws and understanding the influence of mental illness on her creativity actually led to her greatest successes in business and life.

Hilarious, hyper-relatable, and filled with fascinating insights and hard-won wisdom on everything from why it’s okay to cry at work to the myth of busyness and perfection to the emotional rating system she uses every day, Gotch’s inspirational memoir dares readers to live each day with hope, optimism, kindness, and humor.

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March 24th, 2020



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My Review:

Jen Gotch

Before I read The Upside of Being Down I was not familiar with Jen Gotch. To be quite honest, when I first saw this one, what stood out for me was the beautiful book cover and amazing title! Fortunately, this ended up being a great book too. 😉

I am a big fan of memoirs and I am also a huge advocate for mental health awareness. I am always inspired by people who have worked through obstacles and challenges while also saying, “I still get it!”

Mental health issues are often lifelong but are not just barriers to “overcome”. Gotch’s path has not been easy but that is also why she is so inspiring. Her writing is conversational and has the perfect amount of humility and humor.

While excelling at normalizing what so many people go through, she also reminds us that you don’t have to “get over” your struggles to have a wonderful and fulfilling life. She shares relatable stories while also being realistic about the fact that sometimes it takes time to get the proper care you need and that it is okay to not have it all figured out, now, or ever…

While this is a “lighter” book on the mental health memoir spectrum, I appreciated the way she was able to share her wisdom while also having the perfect amount of self-awareness on the things that helped her along the way.

Thank you to NetGalley and Gallery Books for an advanced copy.

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