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Summer Longing by Jamie Brenner


Book Summary:

Ruth Cooperman arrives in beautiful beachside Provincetown for her retirement, renting the perfect waterfront cottage while she searches for her forever home. After years of hard work and making peace with life’s compromises, Ruth is looking forward to a carefree summer of solitude. But when she finds a baby girl abandoned on her doorstep, Ruth turns to her new neighbors for help and is drawn into the drama of the close-knit community.

The appearance of the mystery baby has an emotional ripple effect through the women in town, including Amelia Cabral, the matriarch who lost her own child decades earlier; Elise Douglas, owner of the tea shop who gave up her dream of becoming a mother; and teenage local Jaci Barros who feels trapped by her parents’ expectations. Ruth, caring for a baby for the first time in thirty years, even reaches out to her own estranged daughter, Olivia, summoning her to Provincetown in hopes of a reconciliation.

As summer unfolds and friends and family care for the infant, alliances are made, relationships are tested, and secrets are uncovered. But the unconditional love for a child in need just might bring Ruth and the women of Provincetown exactly what they have been longing for themselves.

With heartfelt storytelling, Summer Longing is Jamie Brenner’s eagerly anticipated return to Provincetown; another unforgettable tale about motherhood, friendship, and finding your way home.

Publication Date:

May 5th, 2020


Women’s Fiction

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My Review:

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I anticipate Jamie Brenner’s spring releases every year because they are a sure sign that summer is indeed on its way. Her writing is engrossing and enjoyable and I love the multifaceted characters and plotlines in each of her novels.

Summer Longing was no exception and I thought it was the perfect summer read. Summer Longing is set in tightly woven Provincetown community and Brenner’s vivid details set the scene so well I almost felt as if I was there too.

There is a great mix of drama, mystery, and romance which made the book a total page-turner. I loved the strong and capable female characters and the sense of connection not only with each other but eventually with themselves. It is a wonderful reading journey that encompasses the ups and downs of life and the lesson we learn through them.

If you are looking for the perfect family drama beach read, I would highly recommend picking this one up!

Thank you to Little Brown and Company for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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