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2020-06-14_0004August 2019 vs. June 2020…first and last days of school!

It’s been pretty quiet on here as we wrapped up the last couple of weeks of “homeschooling”. While I don’t think we totally nailed the remote learning curriculum, we all survived and some days even thrived. It’s hard to believe we have 2nd and 5th graders now!

Our wonderful teachers were as supportive as they could be during such new and challenging circumstances and they taught me so much along the way too. The situation truly showed us how resilient kids are and we learned so much from them. While it is easier now to look back on the last few months will rose-colored glasses, I have my fingers crossed that Vermont’s plan to send kids (safely) back to school in the Fall is a go…


2020-06-14_0007It took me long into my adult life to recognize why seeing color was so important. For many years I very much thought saying “I don’t see race/color” was an appropriate, even compassion response…when really this really was saying “I don’t see your identity, challenges, and history”.

2608d4bcb88cf3d187b2d693ca3974bf{Image from Potter & Bloom}

While I cringe a little inside to share this I also think it is important to write here because it means we can learn and grow. I don’t think we have to be perfect, but I do think we need to try, even if it is uncomfortable, even if we say the wrong thing and even when someone might correct you. 

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THREE: Taking with Kids About Systemic Racism

This article really resonated with me:

To White Parents Who Want To Be Allies At This Time

The other day the boys and I cut through our neighbor’s yard to walk to a friend’s house. This isn’t the first time we have done this but it was the first time I really thought about how it is a privilege that so many people in our country do not have.

Black people should not have to continue to die for this to be on our radar…and we talked about it. I definitely stumbled and they asked questions I don’t think I had the perfect answers for, but it was necessary and long overdue.

It shouldn’t have taken this nationwide uproar to talk more proactively with our kids, but here we are. While we have always talked about kindness and being aware of others, talking about why, especially right now, that might not be the easiest answer, isn’t as simple.

Black Lives Matter{image taken at the Charlotte, Vermont Rally Against Racism}

While being kind is always right, being angry and making our voices heard is sometimes what is necessary to lead to change. We have been not only talking about things but also talking about action steps for disrupting systemic racism and for creating a community of inclusion.

FOUR: CURRENTLY LISTENING | PODCAST EPISODES…fffc331649c60fb4accca84ef51b9985

{Image from Miche Bacher}

I am privileged to be able to learn about racism through books, podcasts, and conversations vs. living it every day and I very much recognize that. I love sharing here and I always try to be open to learning and growing even when it feels uncomfortable. I never want to come across as “knowing it all” because I have SO much to learn but I do want to share what is helpful to me along the way. These podcast resources have been so helpful to me during the last couple of weeks and I hope some might help you too…

Me and White SupremacyJasmine Bradhaw’s podcast First Name Basis is new to me I have learned so much while just catching up on some of her past episodes but especially got SO much about of Episode 14 (season 2): What Is Privilege and What Do I Do About it and Episode 18 (Season 2) What is Juneteenth shares the details and history of the annual celebration on June 19th of the abolition of slavery.

Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad was the perfect follow up. I had downloaded it from LibroFM a couple of months ago and hadn’t prioritized reading it yet. It’s accessible, informative, and thought-provoking and a quick listen at just under 6 hours. It is also a $2.99 Kindle Deal right now!

These are all episodes I recently listened to and got a lot out of…


First Name Basis | What is Privilege And What Do I Do With It?

Throughline | American Police

Forever 35 | Using Your Influence with Tiffany Turner-Moon

Floodlines |The Floodlines series…more about it HERE

Shelf Aware | Books to Help You Start To Do The Work

Unlocking Us | Brené with Ibram X. Kendi on How to Be an Antiracist


Now that school is over for the year, I am making a commitment to sharing more regularly on here…I miss it!

I am behind with sharing book reviews, new book releases and even my May reading recap! I plan to catch up with all of those this week and beyond! Thanks for reading and I will be back with more updates soon.

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  1. I’m wondering if you found following the journal prompts in Me and White Supremacy difficult with the audio version.

    1. Hi Jayne! That’s a great question. I listened to it all within a few days and took a few notes as a I went. I do think it would be ideal to have the hard copy as it is presented in a workbook type style but I really enjoyed listening to it!

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