Life Lately…{Work Identity, Fitting in Reading, Audiobooks and Soaking in Summer}

Gen The Bookworm blogHello there! Yesterday I wrapped up one of my busiest weeks work-wise, and I have to say, it feels good to be back in the swing of things. There is so much unknown going into the winter months that Kristy and I are trying to get as much done as possible during the next few months. She has been juggling a lot and I love being able to support her behind the computer screen…It’s senior portrait season which is my favorite editing wise and I love seeing how much all the families she photographs each year have grown! work life{My mask pictured above is from this Etsy shop – no affiliation, I just love it!}

When everything shut down back in March, I had no idea how much of my identity was connected to my work-life. Being back at work the last couple of months has been such a positive thing for me. I can’t tell you how good it feels to go to work, check off boxes and feel accomplished with at least something…LOL.

Obviously, there is the whole juggling the kid’s aspect that has thrown a wrench in there, but my work is part-time and quite flexible, which made finding a new schedule much easier than for many parents during this pandemic without consistent childcare.

While I don’t know what the rest of the year will bring, I am trying to soak in this time for what it is. Our winters normally consist of teaching our photography classes (in person!) and that probably won’t be happening…

Reading Life…

bookmarkTrying is the keyword here. I remember thinking back in the spring how much reading time I would get in this summer without a bunch of activities happening for the kids, HA!!reading on the goLittle did I realize, that waiting for them at their activities WAS when I used to get a lot of my reading in…While we don’t have a lot of things going on, life at home isn’t exactly calm and peaceful (yes those are toilet seat pool floats…a 10-year-old’s dream birthday gift!)kids in poolAnd while I haven’t been laying around on the couch reading as I had dreamed of, the boys are quite independent now (look at the sign below…)so I have spent much of my time stress cleaning and organizing and thus being able to listen to plenty of audiobooks!laundryWhen I worry I like to keep myself busy and this has resulted in doing lots of mindless tasks around our house. Mopping floors that don’t stay clean for long and folding the endless amounts of laundry we create is great for this. I also am a fan of making this banana bread which is basically the only thing I know how to bake from scratch, LOL.

And although it is super sad that Kristy and I rarely get to work together in our shared office anymore, it has resulted in plenty of time to get some listening in when I am at work…2020-08-16_0011I also have become a little more of a night owl and have been getting in a lot more reading at night on my kindle.

Recent Audiobooks…2020-08-16_0006

The Beauty in Breaking, I’m Still Here, Eloquent Rage, Hidden Valley Road, The Lazy Genius Way, Eliza Starts a Rumor, With or Without You and 28 Summers are some of my recent favorite audiobooks.camping hammock And sometimes…the kids do want to hang out with me! These hammocks were one of our very best quarantine purchases!

View of Vermont…

Vermont lifeWhile I do worry about what it will be like to endure this pandemic during the long stretch of winter weather in Vermont, right now we are in our prime! I have been getting back into my walking groove and it is amazing how much of a difference it makes for my mental health.

These wireless headphones (pictured above) are less than $10 and have a great range and don’t skip when you are exercising! I also love that they have the “ear hooks” because as hard as I have tried, I have never found any earbuds that will not fall out!

Alright, that’s all for now. I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and I will be back soon!

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