Parenting in a Pandemic by Kelly Fradin, MD {Book Review}

Parenting in a Pandemic

Parenting in a Pandemic by Kelly Fradin, MD


Book Summary:

Parents are burning out while kids need more help than ever. With so many families in crisis, pediatrician, and child advocate Dr. Kelly Fradin sees an urgent need for help. As a mother of two, Dr. Fradin shares practical, evidence-based, and reassuring advice on what families need to know.

Parents are forced to make decisions now despite seemingly constant change and many unknowns. In Parenting in a Pandemic, Dr. Fradin provides the information and strategies you need to help navigate coronavirus. The book reviews the science necessary to understand the news and care for your family.

Dr. Fradin explains the specific risks of coronavirus to children of all ages and adults, including parents, grandparents, pregnant women, and essential workers. She gives realistic strategies you can use to improve this time for your family whether you are protecting a newborn, virtually schooling, or convincing a teen to physically distance.

Parents who read the book will feel better prepared to make the right decisions with confidence. The pandemic is still unfolding and the science may change, but these approaches will help you feel better and lead your family through this difficult time.

Publication Date:

August 1st, 2020


Parenting/Children’s Health Non-Fiction

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My Review:

Parenting in a Pandemic book

Parenting in a Pandemic was composed by Kelly Fradin who is a pediatrician, mother of two, and child advocate based in New York City. She also shares evidenced-based parenting and health tips on her Instagram feed @adviceigivemyfriends and her website Advice I Give My Friends.

After seeing how much families around her were needing resources and support, she put together this book this past summer. Many of us are facing information overload on the daily and are also struggling to feel confident in parenting decisions during a time of such change and unknown.

Dr. Kelly Fradin breaks down Covid-19 symptoms, understanding various levels of risk, how to make decisions about childcare, schooling, and sports, and tips on tackling this “new normal” while prioritizing our children’s physical and mental wellbeing.  She shares all this with scientifically backed data while also speaking to how we can manage our own stress and coping skills.

Parenting During a Pandemic…For The Long Haul…

While parenting this past spring was difficult on so many levels, the lockdown was short term and many of our daily decisions were made for us. We are now facing parenting during a pandemic while juggling being back out in the world again, albeit in a very different way. This comes with many stressors including how to make the right decisions for our families while knowing our actions matter with protecting our communities.

Dr. Fradin shares practical and data-driven advice to help us balance the physical and mental health of our children and also ourselves.  Her voice is reassuring, empathetic, and down to earth. Balancing our media intake can be quite challenging right now as we are often inundated with alarmist news articles that can make us second guess almost every decision when it comes to our children.

I am so grateful for resources like this and found Dr. Fradin’s words incredibly comforting. Clocking in under 200 pages this is a quick and impactful read and I highly recommend it whether you are parenting a preschooler, high schooler, or anywhere in between.

A Podcast Interview With Kelly Fradin, MD.

Parenting in a Pandemic

If you are a podcast listener they had a great interview with her over on the Best of Both Worlds podcast this week that you can listen to HERE.

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