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Ladies Get Paid

Ladies Get Paid by Claire Wasserman


Book Summary:

From career coach and founder of the startup Ladies Get Paid—the eponymous organization leading the fight for equality in the workplace—comes an empowering guide to provide you with the tools to strategically navigate the workplace, achieve success, and become a true leader.

Claire Wasserman has one goal for women: Rise up and get paid.

As the founder of Ladies Get Paid, Claire has worked her entire adult life to promote gender equality in the workplace. If you’re looking to navigate a promotion or break the glass ceiling, Ladies Get Paid is your essential toolkit for achieving success.

Filled with straightforward advice and inspiring stories, Ladies Get Paid encourages self-advocacy and activism as a way to advance your career and make more money. Covering topics as crucial and varied as how to find the perfect mentor, how to negotiate a raise, and how to become a leader, Ladies Get Paid is a reminder that you are valuable—both as an individual woman and as part of the female community. And ultimately, it’s about more than your wallet—it’s about your worth.

Publication Date:

January 12, 2021


Business Negotiating/Women & Business

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My Review:

Ladies Get Paid Claire Wasserman

Women in the workforce has been an ongoing conversation in my friend group lately and also in our own home. Not only has the coronavirus taken hundreds of thousands of American lives, but this pandemic has also highlighted many systemic inequalities that have been bubbling under the surface for way too long. In September alone, more than 850,000 women left the workforce, 4 times as many as men. (Pallavi Gogoi, NPR)

Why do you ask? Working has become almost impossible for many parents during the last 7+ months and women are facing the brunt of it…and a large part of this is the gender pay gap. In many households, men make more money even if they hold the same job titles.

So when couples have to take an economic decision because women typically earn less, they are the ones who take the step back” (Pallavi Gogoi, NPR), and never has this been more clear than during this 2020 pandemic.

{This NPR Article “Stuck-At-Home Moms: The Pandemic’s Devastating Toll On Women” is powerful, and also quite alarming…}

Ladies Get Paid could not have come at a better time, as Claire Wasserman takes on how to promote gender equality in the workplace. As the founder of a women’s career development organization, Wasserman’s writing is clear and approachable and filled with valuable tools on how to broach empowering conversations, negotiating pay, and more.

Wasserman’s goal is to promote the idea that talking about money and what we are worth is not only important but necessary…and something that many of us still find taboo, and it begins with speaking up. I found this book to be incredibly informative and inspiring and I love the idea that every small step really is significant for all of us.

Thank you to Gallery Books for a gifted copy of this book in exchange for my honest feedback.

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