VOTE! {November 3rd, 2020}

voting day

“Vote like the future depends on it. It does.”

What is your voting plan today? I will be dropping off our ballots with our kids, who have the day off from school for election day. We have had many important and necessary conversations in 2020 and this election has been a huge part of it.

Raising kids is hard. We have two boys which means it can be loud, things get broken a lot and as they are getting older my role often feels more like a referee…who buys and prepares a lot of food.

They are also kind, full of emotions, and are learning to be aware of the world around them. We have many privileges and it is very important to both my husband and me that we are raising good humans. Today we are voting because we can and also because our vote can help make our country a better place for everyone, and that is the most important part of it all.

I have hope today. The last four years have been horrible in many ways but it also awakened a whole population of people who can stand up for what is right, myself included. You don’t have to experience them yourself to stand up for the injustices that are happening all around us. Our vote matters.


“Voting isn’t marriage, it’s public transport. You’re not waiting for “the one” who’s absolutely perfect: you’re getting the bus, and if there isn’t one to your destination, you don’t not travel- you take the one going closest.”

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