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I Want to Be Where The Normal People Are by Rachel Bloom


Book Summary:

In the vein of Mindy Kaling, Ali Wong, and Amy Poehler, a collection of hilarious personal essays, poems, and even amusement park maps on the subjects of insecurity, fame, anxiety, and much more from the charming and wickedly funny creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Rachel Bloom has felt abnormal and out of place her whole life. In this exploration of what she thinks makes her “different,” she’s come to realize that a lot of people also feel this way; even people who she otherwise thought were “normal.”

In a collection of laugh-out-loud funny essays, all told in the unique voice (sometimes singing voice) that made her a star; Rachel writes about everything from her love of Disney, OCD and depression, weirdness, and female friendships to the story of how she didn’t poop in the toilet until she was four years old; Rachel’s pieces are hilarious, smart, and infinitely relatable (except for the pooping thing).

Publication Date:

November 17th, 2020


Essay Style Memoir/Non-Fiction

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My Review:

Rachel Bloom

I was not familiar with author and comedian Rachel Bloom before reading this book but I found her writing to be thoroughly entertaining while also being very open and vulnerable. I especially connected with her sections on mental health, feeling like an outsider, and experiencing rejection.

I found it super refreshing how Bloom could share such an array of thoughts, some funny and some heartbreaking within a few sentences. It is such an important reminder that sharing all parts of life actually helps connects us, and reminds us that we probably have more in common than we initially thought.

I will say that some of it felt a bit over the top and some of the essays resonated with me more than others, but this is often what happens for me when reading this with this style of writing. Nevertheless, Bloom is a talented creator and I love her goal of helping unite us through our weird thoughts and tendencies.

I was also totally drawn to this book by its cover, so props to Rachel Bloom and her publishing team for a book cover that totally reminded me of my childhood Sweet Valley High books I read under the covers with a flashlight…

Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for a gifted copy in exchange for my honest review.

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