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Calm The H*ck Down

Calm The H*ck Down: How to Let Go and Lighten Up About Parenting by Melanie Dale


Book Summary:

From author and speaker Melanie Dale comes a laugh-out-loud hilarious parenting book that teaches you how to dial back the stress of raising children with the simple premise that we all just need to lighten up a little bit.

Most of us thought we’d be amazing parents—and then we had kids. Now we spend what little free time we have comparing ourselves to other parents, comparing our kids to other kids, and panicking that everyone else is nailing it except us. Between constant social media postings to conflicting advice found in parenting books, we often have no choice but to freak out. But there is another way. We all just need to calm the h*ck down.

Melanie Dale—a special needs parent, adoptive parent, in vitro parent, and reluctant cheer mom—believes we are all putting too much pressure on ourselves and our kids to be perfect. Instead, she argues, we need to take a step back so we can actually enjoy this journey called parenting.

Calm the H*ck Down is filled with stories from Melanie’s own life, as well as real-life research for learning how to lighten up about every aspect of parenting—from poopy diapers and germs to family vacations and adolescent angst. She also discusses the pressure to knock it all out of the Pinterest park, the challenge of instilling some kind of faith into your kids, and worrying about their future while still trying to live in the present.

Infused with quirky humor, profound insight, and accessible advice, Calm the H*ck Down gives you the permission to finally relax and enjoy this ridiculous thing we do called parenting.

Publication Date:

January 1st, 2021


Parenting Non-Fiction

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My Review:

Calm The H*ck Down

In Calm The H*ck Down, author Melanie Dale offers a real and realistic look at parenting from newborns-teens. The advice Dale offers is encouraging and practical while also having the perfect balance of humor and light-heartedness. We could all use a bit of humor with parenting because let’s face it, it’s a rollercoaster ride!

This isn’t a “how-to guide” but more of an “I have been there and here are some things that have worked with my kids and maybe will help you!” There is such a wealth of information that comes from parenting multiple children. As many of us know, you can do the very same things and come out with a different outcome, because every child (and person) is unique.

The most helpful thing I have learned along the way is once you “master” one thing, a new challenge comes along, and this is normal! And if you are worried you aren’t doing a good enough job, well then you are probably doing just fine. <3

Calm The Heck Down by Melanie Dale

“Dale believes we are all putting too much pressure on ourselves and our kids to be perfect. Instead, she argues, we need to take a step back so we can actually enjoy this journey called parenting.”

Some of the topics I found especially helpful included helping your kids develop healthy friendships, keeping kids the right amount of busy (not overscheduling), how to talk about sex (and consent!), and how to respectfully advocate for your kids.

I especially loved how she ended each chapter with a series of questions or prompts…such as “20 questions to ask at dinner besides ‘How Was Your Day?‘”, “10 Things To Do Instead of Yelling”, “10 Tips For Partnering While Parenting” and “How to Talk to Teachers (they are people too!)”

Whether you are a new parent or almost nearing the finish line (just kidding, there isn’t one, LOL) this is the perfect book for new and experienced parents alike!

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What are some of your biggest parenting learning lessons? Do you read parenting books? Or maybe just order them to feel better? (This is what I did when our kids were not sleeping when they were babies😴) I would love to hear! 💜⁣

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