My Reading Space Winter Refresh! {A Collaboration with ODK Furniture}

{Thank you to ODK Furniture for partnering with me on this project.}

reading space

{ODK Wall Mounted Ladder Shelf}

A Reading Space:

While I love having books all around our house, my winter organization momentum is pushing to me make things a bit more…orderly, and that is where this space comes in!

Home Office Turned…Remote Classroom?

remote learning

Once upon a time (pre 2020!) this room was my home office. Then remote school became a thing and any place dedicated to just adults quickly went down the drain! And while this room is a  space still used by many of our family members, I decided I could still find ways to make it my own. 

remote learningA Quick & Easy Refresh:

After almost constant use during the last couple of years, this room definitely needed a little bit of refresh and so when ODK Furniture offered to collaborate on this project, I couldn’t wait to get started!

We previously worked together when I updated my book blogger space and you can read that more HERE) and I am still so thrilled with my new workspace. I am currently writing from my new desk which has just been such a great addition.

ladder bookshelves

For this project, ODK Furniture gifted me two of their Wall Mounted Ladder Bookshelves which were perfect to put side by side. In addition to these shelves being very simple to set up (thank you Lucas for taking the lead on this!) They are also very secure and wall mounted, which in a house with active kids, is a must! 

The Details:


I chose the rustic brown color and love the simplicity of the shelves, which really allow the stars of the show, THE BOOKS, to really shine. And not only are they perfect in this space, but they also allowed the storage or twice as many books as before!

ODK Ladder Shelf 10% Off Sale!

ODK Ladder Shelf, 73.4 Inches Wall Mounted Ladder Bookshelf

If you are interested in adding one (or more!) of these shelves to your reading area, they are each under $100 with an additional 10% off discount HERE.

reading area

What About You?!

Do you have a designated reading space in your home? I would love to chat more about it over on my @genthebookworm instagram page! You can join in on the conversation HERE.

{Thank you to @Furniture_odk for my gifted desk! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own, and I only feature things I truly love here.}

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