Six Things I Have Learned When Connecting With Authors On Bookstagram! ✍️⁣

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Six Things I Have Learned When Connecting With Authors On Bookstagram!

⁣One of my favorite parts of sharing about books online is the opportunity to interact with authors on social media. Four years later and it still gives me a thrill when they comment on a post or share content I have created. 🤩⁣

💬 Here are some things I have learned…⁣

DO follow along with authors in the genres you enjoy. It is a great way to see some “behind the scenes” and also know what books are coming out next! 🎉⁣

DON’T request that an author send you a copy of their book in DMs. If you are looking for a review copy, I suggest reaching out to their publishers directly – you can find out who is publishing a book by looking right above the ISBN on Goodreads. That is unless they live in your neighborhood, like @teacherlahey, right Jess? 🤣⁣

DO enter author book giveaways! Chances are, they have at least a handful of early copies of their books and are often quite excited to help get them out in the reading world! @camillepagan great about this! 💌📚⁣

DON’T tag authors in a negative review. While we all react differently to books (and that’s okay!) and not every book is for every reader, remember that authors are humans too! 🚫⁣

DO send an email! Have a specific and/or more long winded question? Send an email! Authors often have many incoming messages and DMs can easily get lost (here too, ack!) I use DMs to share content related to their books and save email for questions (like arranging a book club zoom, etc). 📧 ⁣

DO talk about authors’ backlists! While new releases are always exciting, it feels just as good to know there is still lots of love for their older books. 📖⁣

DO connect via the little things! I “met” @megmitchellmoore when I reached out about one of her books including Saint Michael’s College (my alma mater). Then we learned we have a bunch of other things in common! 💃🏻⁣

✨Do you have any helpful tips I missed? Any questions I can try to get answers for? I am discussing this over on my bookstagram account @genthebookworm and I would love to hear your thoughts! 💭⁣