Remarkably Bright Creatures // Five Star Read!

Remarkably Bright Creatures

Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt


What was your last five star read? 

⁣You know those books that slowly make their way onto the reading scene and then they are absolutely everywhere?! ⁣

Remarkably Bright Creatures was recently this book…And when @Readwithjenna picked it as their May book club pick, the reading FOMO really hit me hard, and I knew I had to pick it up ASAP! ⁣

⁣At first I wasn’t sure I would enjoy a book that had a giant Pacific octopus as one of the narrators, but I shouldn’t haven’t worried because Marcellus ended up being the star of the show! This is a feel good book that also is deeply rooted in the realities (and challenges) of life….which is my kind of read. 

⁣Its literary fiction that felt super readable and the characters are genuine and also completely unforgettable. This really was a remarkable book, and one I will hold in my reading memories forever. 

In addition, it was absolutely amazing via audiobook, and I highly recommend it, as the narrators truly brought this story to life. ⁣

⁣Have you read this one yet and/or is it on your TBR list?! I am discussing this book today over on @genthebookworm and I would love to have you share your thoughts!

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