The Most Likely Club by Elyssa Friedland {September New Release!}

{Thank to @getredprbooks & @berkleypub for my #gifted copy and amazing PR box!}⁣

The Most Likely Club

The Most Likely Club by Elyssa Friedland

Does this photo make you go down memory lane?! Then maybe you were also a 90s/early 2000s teenager too! Shout out to the other elderly millennials out there! 💃🏻⁣

@getredprbooks sent out the most amazing package for this book, and I actually squealed with delight when I opened it! Blockbuster card… ✔️Choker necklace…✔️ Bubble Yum…✔️ Great Lash mascara….#MaybeItsMaybelline! 🎶💋⁣

The Most Likely Club book

⁣Paired with my own high school yearbooks, it was one of my most favorite photos to put together….I even included my own high school senior portrait which I dug out just for this special occasion! Jewelry from Claire’s of course…➡️💎📷⁣

The Most Likely Club by author @elyssafriedland was one of my favorite women’s fiction reads this summer. This book had it all- and as a nearly forty year old, it was all too relatable and had me laughing aloud at times. Even better, it also had so much heart and took on the idea of what came to be for four high school best friends. 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️⁣

⁣I enjoyed the throw back references to the 90s, the long-lasting friendships, second chances and the hints of romance, But most importantly, I loved that it showed women coming together…especially where it matters. All four characters were unique and had their own paths and challenges along the way. 💖⁣

The Most Likely Club

This was the perfect mix of being an easy read while also having enough substance to balance it all out and I just enjoyed it so much! The Most Likely Club publishes 9.6.22. In Addition, it was picked as a Book Of The Month add-on read for September, so you can get a copy even sooner, HERE. Not a BOTM member yet? You can join using my referral link HERE! 📦⁣

⁣✨QOTD: Did your high school have #TheMostLikelyTo… feature in your yearbook? If so, were you selected for any of them? Ours did not, and I feel rather grateful for that now…😅 I am discussing this book over on my Bookstagram feed @genthebookworm and I would love it if you joined in on the conversation

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