Where do you get all of your books?

I am a big fan of my Kindle Paperwhite and I do most of my reading on there. I get advanced reader copies of E-books from Netgalley, E-books from the Libby app through my local library membership and I also like to find Kindle deals on Amazon.

When I do read hard copy books I tend to check them out at my local library, borrow them from a friend or sometimes I get them sent from book publishers.  I do buy books but I tend to buy them once I have read them and loved them!

What are ARCs?

ARCs stand for advanced reader copies. They are copies of a book that are printed and/or released as an e-book before the book goes on sale. They are sent to reviewers, librarians, bookstores, and similar outlets to help generate early buzz and reviews as well as helping librarians and booksellers in deciding whether to purchase a particular book to have in their collection.

What is a TBR list?

TBR list stands for “to be read” and many people that discuss books a lot refer to this list as the books they are hoping to read.

How do you read so much?

I have found that the biggest way to add extra reading time is by bringing my book with me during the day. I do a lot of waiting in 10-15 minutes increments and having my book with me allow me to read instead of just filling the time by scrolling through my phone (which I sometimes still do!) I also read every night before bed and usually for a few hours on the weekends during the day so it really adds up.  I also listen to audio books when I am working on the computer or doing things around our house (like cleaning or folding laundry) and this really adds up. To read more about fitting in more reading into your daily life..click HERE.

Where do you get your audiobooks?

I get my audio books through my Audible membership and also on the Libby app. Our local library also has a great collective of audio books but I no longer have a car that has a CD player…but I did previously listen to a lot of audiobooks that way.

How do I start reviewing books?

The #bookstagram community is very active on Instagram and that is where I first started writing about books a couple of years ago. In 2018 I started my public IG feed @genthebookworm as well as this blog so I could have a more organized and specific place to share my reviews. You can review books on many different social media outlets but I have found that Instagram is the most interactive and really feels like a community.

As far as how to get books to review, for a few years, I just reviewed books that I either purchased or borrowed from the library or the Libby app.

As my readership has grown, book publishers and authors now send me books to review which is such a great honor.

In 2018 I also became a member of NetGalley and that is how I get many of my ARC of E-books. Anyone can join and you just request books and you are approved individually by the specific publisher of the book.

The more exposure you can provide the more likely you will be approved. I will say that I was approved for many books just by posting on my @genthebookworm account on Instagram so you definitely don’t have to have a blog to get started. The more you do the higher your reviewing percentage is so that helps too when they are looking to approve you as a reviewer.

It is such an amazing way to read books before they are published and I love providing feedback that not only is helpful to the publisher and author but also help other readers when they are deciding what to read next.

Do you have other questions? Please leave me a comment below…