What Happened To You? {If you read one book this winter, make it THIS one!}

What Happened To You?

What Happened To You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing by Bruce D. Perry M.D., Ph.D and Oprah Winfrey

What is the last book you read that you couldn’t stop talking about?! 📖🗣⁣

It is this book for me! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⁣

In fact, if you have talked to me in person during the last month, you probably have heard about it on more than one occasion, sorry, but not really! 🤷‍♀️🙌⁣

What Happened To You came highly recommended by some of my very trusted book sources and seriously did not disappoint. I alternated reading and listening to this one on audiobook format because I really had a hard time putting it down. Simply put, the concepts in this book truly are life changing and I try not to say that unless I am talking about Brenè…or Nedra…or well, you get the point! 🙏⁣⁣

Whether you have experienced childhood adversity or not, this book is revolutionary. The idea of looking at someone (or yourself) and instead of saying “what’s wrong with them?!” changing the narrative to “what happened to them?” can change so much. 💖⁣

I am a big believer in therapy and because of certain circumstances, I am grateful to say it has been a part of my life from a fairly young age (although it was definitely not as normalized as it is now!) ⁣

I think there can be a bit of a misconception that therapy (and probably personal development in general) somehow can seem a bit…selfish? But really, it is exactly the opposite! 💥⁣

Spending time processing your own experiences (past and present) can not only help yourself heal, but ultimately can help you understand and better interact with the world (and people) around you. And this book connects so much with that idea. ✨⁣

When we realize “huh, maybe that’s why I respond that way in certain situations!!” it also helps us understand why someone else might respond or act the way they do as well. In fact, this idea ultimately helps us have more compassion and empathy, which in today’s divided and challenging world, there just can’t be enough of. 💕⁣

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New Book Releases! {February 2nd, 2021}

New Book Releases

I don’t think there has been a publication day I have anticipated more than today in a very long time!  2021 has already been an amazing book year, and February 2nd is an incredibly exciting day for readers. Whether you are looking for fiction or non-fiction, a faster-paced engrossing read, or a layered character-driven novel, a book rich with history, or a memoir, there really is a book for everyone today!

Today’s New Book Releases…

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Five Things to Tell You | June 14th, 2020

Gen The Bookworm blog


2020-06-14_0004August 2019 vs. June 2020…first and last days of school!

It’s been pretty quiet on here as we wrapped up the last couple of weeks of “homeschooling”. While I don’t think we totally nailed the remote learning curriculum, we all survived and some days even thrived. It’s hard to believe we have 2nd and 5th graders now!

Our wonderful teachers were as supportive as they could be during such new and challenging circumstances and they taught me so much along the way too. The situation truly showed us how resilient kids are and we learned so much from them. While it is easier now to look back on the last few months will rose-colored glasses, I have my fingers crossed that Vermont’s plan to send kids (safely) back to school in the Fall is a go…

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Everything I Read in April 2020 {Book Recap & Ratings}

Book ratings

Reading in April

All these details are coming at you a couple weeks late, but I guess it’s better now than never! While I am working on posting more regularly over on Instagram, posting on here takes a lot more time..which in theory I have more of lately, but the chaos of our days would say otherwise! 😉

Reading has always been one of my coping mechanisms to handle stress but this quarantine really has thrown that for a loop. I have struggled like many to focus which has meant reading has felt challenging at times.

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