August 2019 Book Recap & Ratings {Monthly Book Wrap-Up)

August 2019 Book Wrap-Up

August Recap:

Who else can believe that it is already almost September?! August is always a funny month because part of it is full-on summer and then the end is getting back into our regular routine of school. I read a lot of great books this past month, my favorite being The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo. I also did some vacation reading and really enjoyed The Forever Summer and The Islanders.

August Book Recaps, Ratings & Links to Reviews:

5 star book review for The Most Fun We Ever Had

The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo

(This one is currently on sale HERE and … Read more...

July 2019 Book Recap & Ratings | Monthly Book Wrap-Up

July 2019 book ratings

The Month of July:

July was filled with lots of family visiting, a wedding, berry picking and lots of time in the water, either on the lake or at the pool. It was a hot and humid the last few weeks for us around here and I am very grateful to have air conditioning both at work and at home. When I was growing up I remember summers sleeping next to a huge box fan and I still love sleeping with the sound of a fan now.

Reading Recap:

I actually read a lot more than I had expected. … Read more...

June 2019 Book Recap & Ratings | Monthly Book Wrap-Up

June 2019 Book Wrap-Up

monthly book wrap-up

The Month of June

Wow, did June fly by for anyone else? It is always a funny month because half of it is the last two weeks of school and the other two are the first two weeks of summer break. It is a transition time for everyone in our family and the end of some things and the beginning of others which makes it very bittersweet.

While it seems like it flew by, it is also amazing to think of all the things that we did during the last 4 season and regular school … Read more...

May 2019 Book Recap & Star Ratings

May 2019 Book Recap & Ratings

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Month in review:

Hello! Happy last day of May! Did this month speed by for you? It felt like we did a lot of things but it also felt like a pretty long month…which when it is 31 days, I guess it really is!

Audiobooks and going back and forth:

I have moved into my more busy season at work which means that my audiobook listening starts to make up a part of my monthly book count. I often will listen to a book on Audible or the Libby app and also read it Read more...

April 2019 | Book Recap & Star Ratings

April 2019 Book Recap & Ratings

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Month in review & factors in determining a star rating:

Hello! How was your month of reading? April was a mix of some 4 & 5-star favorites and some 3-star books that were just okay. Last week when I was answering some reader questions on Instagram Stories, my friend Emily asked me what factors go into my star ratings for a book.

I thought this was a fantastic question and now that I have been a part of the Bookstagram community for a while now, I have seen that people’s answers for this … Read more...

March 2019 Reading | Book Recap & Ratings

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Book recaps and star ratings:

Happy April 1st! How was your last month of reading? I read some amazing books during the month of March that were all 4 & 5-star reads! I did have one book that I really didn’t enjoy but you can’t win them all!

I don’t normally give a star ratings with my actual book reviews, but I do use them when rating books over on Goodreads and NetGalley and when I am sharing my monthly recaps on Instagram. Last month I thought it might be fun to start regularly posting my monthly recaps here … Read more...

Monthly Book Recap | February 2019

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February was a shorter month with a lot of reading packed in for me. I ended up reading a couple books that I just loved and quite a few that were just so-so. ⁣

I always find it interesting how differently we all react to the same pieces of writing. I even will respond differently to something depending on my mood, time of year, stage of life, etc. ⁣

As I share more and more about books I always want to be aware that my feedback is just that, my own, and you may have a completely different … Read more...